BCTSL - transparency and efficiency through the power of blockchain

BCTSL's solution is a flexible, blockchain-based platform for various use cases. We use latest, state-of-the-art technologies in both, the RFID part as well as the blockchain processes. Flawlessly track your supply chain.

Sectors - all facing similar issues

BCTSL's solution, optimized for all sectors facing major counterfeit issues harming the lifecycle and authenticity. Build customer trust now through transparency.



Protect the apparel, fashion and luxury goods chain


Defend original products from counterfeits


Electronic goods, track and trace to protect supply chain


Keep consumers safe and a trustworthy reputation


Logistics tracking from A to Z, enabling transparency
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Industry and Technology News

19th January 2020

Enterprise Blockchain: discover all of the possibilities for your digital enterprise

In the future, it wouldn’t be possible to be a digital enterprise without implementing enterprise blockchain. Even though most still connect it with cryptocurrencies, the underlying blockchain […]
19th January 2020

5 most promising blockchain scalability solutions

Consensus mechanisms like Proof-of-Work (PoW) are critical to the performance, and indeed, the existence of blockchains. However, they usually end up slowing down the systems. And […]
18th January 2020

Blockchain tech is finally on the path of value creation for businesses and humanity

Even though value creation was its purpose, blockchain tech started with much of wrongdoing. As fraudulent activities were the goal of many, their intensity shaded the immense efforts […]

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