Traceability breaches, product frauds or recalls

These issues are causing billions of sales losses and damage to companies’ reputation. Many processes within the supply chains of companies are becoming more complex with increased globalization.
This is the central starting point of BCTSL’s solution.

Blockchain & IoT – continously interconnected for traceability and anti-fraud

BCTSL’ solution pairs blockchain technology with industry-leading RFID science to bring a new age to the supply chain and business processes.

Strong arguments to go for BCTSL’s solution

Industry leaders

Our technology is backed by the industry leaders in their domains

Patented solution

We take this serious – BCTSL’s solution is the work of years of R&D

Service & Support

Flexible services, customizing and a top-grade support complete the offering


As mentioned above, all industries are facing similar challenges which relate to information sharing and trust.

Our solution comes with a large set of features.

  • Hybrid mobile application
  • Private blockchain
  • German cloud, certified data center
  • High-volume label production
  • Range of additional services (maintenance, customization, IT, support, etc.)
  • Nearly infinite scalability
  • Easy integration in existing infrastructure

BCTSL – what’s behind it?

We are connecting unique identifiability by combining newly developed NFC-chips with a patented RFID security label, the information are securely stored in a distributed ledger in blockchain. All necessary data (provenance, authenticity, product data, video documentation of production, etc.) can be saved immutably in the private network, and is linked via the tamper-proof label to the product itself.

Ready to secure your products?

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