From hype to real use cases

Historically linked with cryptocurrencies, blockchain did not have an easy start.

But the promise for blockchain is strong, research had shown that “ten of the largest public companies in the world are exploring blockchain”. Perhaps one of biggest applications of blockchain to date is in the supply chain.

The technology aims to ensure the best use of resources, reduce costs by optimizing transport and logistics. In addition, middlemen are eliminated and the transparency for customers is increased. Every product and service can be tracked without interruption.

Solid reasons to adopt Blockchain Technology

Continuity of information

The immutable and irrevocable properties allow traceability across stakeholders

Accessibility to information

Fast decentralized peer-peer networks provide quick access

Security and risk

Reduce systemic risks and minimize fraud

Benefits of our blockchain

Using latest, state-of-the-art technology

  • Private blockchain, fully secured
  • Easy deployment
  • High scalability and availability
  • European data centre
  • Smart contract development services
  • Uneditable records – immutability

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Blockchain is an invariable, highly available and distributed database.

Every single data is written in to it is tamper-proof and immutable. Protection against unwanted access is done via encryption. In order to prevent manipulation, blocks are formed and then closed with a checksum. The arrangement of the each block (chain) “one after the other” gave the name „Blockchain”. There is no central database as the copies of the chain are distributed (distributed ledger technology – DLT).