Technology on highest levels.

RFID technology is nothing new. But the brand new NFC/RFID-chip developed and used in our solution has unique features.

Up to 13 security features make it one of the most innovative and secure, forgery-proof chip. The NFC chip is integrated in a tape seal that cannot be duplicated.

The labels are produced by a renowned, German security printing company, working also with government bodies and which is ISO-certified with the highest security standards.

Solid reasons to opt for BCTSL’s solution


Full security

Top-notch technology used to make the labels forgery-proof.


Maximum flexibility

Standard does not fit you? Labels can be produced according to your needs.

German production

Quality production

The seal labels are produced in local factories with highest standard to quality.

Benefits of our RFID technology

Greater transparency, exact provenance data, helping your business reduce costs and optimise processes

  • Notable cost reduction
  • Increased transparency in logistics
  • Boost efficiency
  • Attested traceability
  • Higher customer retention
  • Additional reputation
  • More solid goods inspections



Radio Frequency Identification, RFID, is an automatic identification method. It allows contactless communication between a chip and a reader device.

A RFID chip can transmit information stored with radio waves to a scanner. The scanner emits a wave on a radio frequency and no own power supply.

The scanner emits a wave on a radio frequency. The RFID chip captures energy from these waves and stores it in a capacitor. The microcontroller is then supplied with power for the time of the interaction.

RFID technology is mature and is already used in many areas such as: banknotes, payment cards, identification of people, authentication of medicines, textiles and clothing, container seals, inventory, time recording.

Paired with the immutable blockchain technology it makes the perfect combination.

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