BCTSL’s Team

Meet our amazing team members

At BCTSL we are team with very different backgrounds. Everybody has his very own DNA. But we share a common vision and values of work ethics, the future and our solution's contribution to driving the digital transformation.

Matthias Rummel


+49 151 15790660

Dipl.-BW Matthias Rummel, successful senior entrepreneur and business angel with decades of experience in business development, corporate (re)structuring, interim management. He’s also an expert in finance and internal tax law with excellent contacts to various family offices.

Michael Schäfer


+49 175 5858658

With more than 30 years of expertise in acquisitions and business liquidations, Michael Schäfer is a heavy weight in consulting. His main area is the wholesale and retail sector while focusing on diamond and precious metal trade.

Sebastian Klose

Senior Projektentwickler

Sebastian Klose, over 15 years experience. Sebastian’s focus is technology having held various positions in different sectors like banking, media and technology companies he is a entrepreneur for a decade and advises corporate clients in mastering the digital transformation.

Ralf Markowski


+49 177 5716050

Ralf Markoswki disposes over 30 years of industry expertise. He is also specialising in merger and acquisitions and has a widely renowned know-how in internatitonal diamond and precious metal trade.

Hans Hohenstatt


‭+49 170 2233898‬

Hans Hohenstatt, studied medical technology and medecine, has acquired over 15 years of expertise in diverse line management positions in DAX and family companies (interim and consulting). With his cross industry experience he specialised in know-how transfer across different businesses. As a member of the Baden Badener entrepreneur circle, he has a superb network.

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