Our services

With BCTSL you’ll get the services tailored to your company’s needs.

Our services are made to optimize your business processes, modernize your infrastructure and thus contribute to a better overall business organization.

Surely many projects and also most of the (production) processes rely on very specific, company internal know-how. But with our proven technology and knowledge and solutions we’ll be able to optimize further by going a structured way.

Our process is based on three pillars : high efficient, full transparency and best quality.

First we’ll establish a “health check” of your processes. This will then lead to a strategic process management where relevant data will be collected and analyzed. We’ll then continue with a milestone planning and the definition of targets to objectively control the achievements. Sustainability as well as steadily challenging the existing are the Alpha and Omega of a future-oriented management.

Solid reasons to opt for BCTSL’s services

Standard services

  • Standard security label
  • Standard app and online access
  • Fixed services hours
  • Hotline (weekdays from 8h to 17h)

Standard plus

  • Standard security label with customized printing
  • Individualized (partly) app and online access
  • Fixed service hours
  • Personal support (weekdays from 8h to 20h)

Managed service

  • Fully personalized security label
  • Individual app and online access
  • Service manager
  • Individual services
  • Interfacing with existing systems (ERP, SCM, etc.)
  • Dedicated services
  • Project management according to international standards (PRINCE2, SCRUM, etc.)
  • Custom development
  • 24/7/365 service hotline, multi-language

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