Cross Sector Solution

Blockchain technology paired with our industry-leading RFID technology could bring about a new age to the supply chain industry and business processes.

All sectors face similar problems, here’s a short list of key issues :

  • An excessive amount of issues in the system waste both time and money at an alarming rate
  • High inefficiency as both vendors and suppliers are not always well connected and forced to constantly connect the dots
  • Silos of information as all parties like suppliers, procurement, etc. function as independently, in a globalised business landscape a difficult venture
  • Provenience and counterfeit are big obstacles to the consumers’ trust as the history and quality of products is incredibly difficult to be evaluated
  • Traceabiliy – value can be increased boosted with increased transparency helping eliminate illegal or unethical approaches
  • More automation is necessary as of endless arrays of important but still highly repetitive and manual tasks

Automotive Industry

Confronted with challenges like counterfeiting, inefficient recall management, lack of transparency and visibility on individual unit of SKU etc., the automotive industry is heavily in need to fight a loss of revenue and reputation for the OEM or product owners. Operating on a global scale, the sourcing for parts and optimisation of the supply chain network has become increasingly important. With BCTSL’s solution we help to reduce the pain points of the industry and in the same time improving visibility and traceability across the chain and processes.

Logistics Industry

The logistics industry suffers often from inefficient process resulting from the some activities of the various parties, retailers, distributors, service providers etc. BCTSL’s solution empowers a transparent, traceable flow of data. RFID from leading technology partners are secure and versatile for any use case of the sector’s needs.

Electronic Goods Industry

Counterfeit products, lack of traceability and compliances are major issues the electronics goods industry is facing. The operational load due to the globalised supply chain and processes are leading to duplicate products and the holes in the chain result in original products being replaced by counterfeit duplicates. BCTSL’s solution based on permission-based blockchain or sidechain technology, paired with the unmatched RFID enable complete traceability and connect all the dots from the manufacturer to the end consumers.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is as other sectors handicapped with major counterfeiting of products, adulterations and expiration of medicines due to unfavorable environmental factors during transit. BCTSL’s solution is securing this highly important sector and protecting drugs so that each part of the chain, pharmacists, end users, etc. can flawlessly track the origin of the product by scanning it. The data is stored securely in the blockchain. Time to enhance public safety and your company’s brand.

Clothing and Luxury Goods Industry

The apparel and fashion industry suffers every year from counterfeit products. Consumers are often sceptic wether they bought an original product or not. The conventional methods of keeping the track and trace of luxury goods in transit are manually intensive and inefficient. Blockchain technology prevents product fraud in supply chains. With a robust, automated and scalable solution, BCTSL’s soft- and hardware helps keep track.

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